Bellefit Maternity

Shotgun Road, Sunrise, Florida, United States

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Medical-Grade Childbirth Recovery

Bellefit is a company dedicated to help woman recovering from C-section and natural childbirth. We offer a wide array of products that help women to regain their pre-pregnancy shape and stay physically fit. We specialize in the manufacture of medical grade postpartum girdles and corsets that are recommended by doctors everywhere. Our postpartum girdles and corsets are manufactured by seamlessly employing advanced technologies, one of a kind design and excellent craftsmanship. Our girdles will help women by offering medical grade support and compression of abdominal and lumbar regions, thus reducing the uterus swelling and doing away with post pregnancy tummy. In addition, Bellefit’s postpartum girdles and corsets offer other benefits like back support, ligament stabilization, incision healing, posture improvement, and organ repositioning. In order to avoid skin rashes and make the wearable more breathable, we use a hypoallergenic fabric and employ a micro-porous design. The wearables are smooth, designed to stay in place, come with convenient flaps for re-adjustment and won’t interfere in day-to-day routine. To summarize, Bellefit’s childbirth recovery products will offer security, modesty, exceptional support, and emotional aid for women during their childbirth recovery. The postpartum girdles and corsets we offer are available in four different variants. For details, visit and

Shotgun Road, Sunrise, Florida, United States