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We have created the hottest local business directory you've always dreamed of! The clean display combined with simple business directory features make Big City Biz top of the list. You can market and efficiently manage your own local directory, and reap 20% of the profit.


Convenient Features

Fully Responsive

Whatever the device you use, pc, tablet, android or iphone, your local businesses will get the attention they deserve, no need to fight google and their expensive PPC platform.

Simple Features

Just get your local folks tro start using our directory and the people will know who and where to find their great products and services.


Starting at FREE and anywhere from $19.99 /yr to $199 /life, your locals will have all they need at their fingertips.

Self Sufficient

Nothing to do but local word of mouth marketing in your city or town, and sit back and wait for the monthly deposits. 

Create the right exposure and get your local business's found


What you will need, to run a self sufficient business directory .

We will give you a login to view what companies are free and which are paying and you can keep track of what your monthly extra income will be. 

You, choose what city you want and a defined area, ie: zephyrhills.bigcitybiz.com and anyone you allow can add their business, they business should be within the city area, but you may allow anyone if you like... 

no need to fight google and their expensive PPC platform. you just sell the buy local, support local campaign and the site will do the rest.
Once people know you are here, they will look and buy local.

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