William Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

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99MediaLab: Web, Mobile, Social, Visual

99MediaLab is a prominent web design and development firm based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We offer web design, branding, and inbound marketing as our flagship services to big and small businesses and our clients include big names like Toyota, Coca Cola and Edu-Nova. Our services offer a 360-degree solution to companies looking to expand their online presence via websites and various social media channels. Our adept team offers a unique blend of creative and technical skills that will leave no stone unturned in scaling up the online presence of our clients. We here at 99MediaLab understand the value of a well-designed and responsive website both on PC and mobile platforms. Be it an e-commerce website or an accountant website, our team will ensure to offer unlimited mockups and revisions till the client is satisfied. The web services come with additional perks like free stock photos, social media integration, content management system integration, coupons and newsletter integration, SEO services, mobile responsive web pages, and more. Apart from web design and web development, 99MediaLab also specializes in custom blog design on various platforms like Wordpress and Tumblr. For more, visit and

William Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States